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Enterprise slogan: Green Science and technology in the future

Green show the world's true colors, science and technology promote world progress. We uphold the spirit of environmental protection, with action to create a green future, yellow and white with the power to summon strong unyielding energy, with the heart to inspire eternal hope new and green company, to build a green future.

Moral concept: dedication, cooperation and dedication

Love is the fundamental enterprise dedicated staff occupation morality, only dedication, love of business, in order to make a difference in the post, to become the enterprise need talent; the company every employee is a member of the enterprise team, employees must be loyal to the enterprise, establish a collective sense of honor and team concept, to the enterprise responsible attitude, trust each other, with other employees of unity and cooperation, promote the continuous development of enterprise; dedication is the outstanding character UTL for generations of employees.

Twenty years ago, because of their hard work and dedication, only now utl.

Talent concept: people oriented and common development

UTL the talent as the first element of the enterprise, respect and care for each employee, give full play to the initiative and creativity of employees, and provide a vast space in the production operation and management of enterprises to realize the value of individual employees and long-term development. The company through the establishment of incentive mechanism and constraint mechanism and improve the efficiency of the implementation of human resources strategy, each to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, adhere to the "competent personnel is in the use of talents, talents competition, performance measure talent", do "people, man, man, man, make all kinds of talents to create a talent shows itself. The value for the enterprise.