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Bus-Bar Type Power Distributor
  • JUT8>>
    In electrical circuits of electrical equipment, clear identifications of conductors and terminals and their corresponding affiliation shall be made. JUT8 series can meet this req...
  • JUT10>>
    Large current aluminum block terminal, suitable for aluminum wire butt, with a maximum of 240mm squared wire.
  • JUT11>>
    Large current copper block terminal, max to 1 in 11 out, max to 185mm squared wire, widely used in power transmission and distribution equipment.
  • JUT13>>
    New type of large current quick type terminal, more beautiful appearance, can connect the conductor and copper row at the same time
  • JUT15>>
    The product is the the assembly connection terminal box, with 16 connection holes, which is mainly used for the confluence and centralized connection of multiple wires, and can b...
  • JUT17>>
    This series of products use screw to connect OT terminals to complete the connection between wires, which is applied to connect large cables with high current. It can be used in ...
  • JUT18>>
    This series of products are used for the branch connection of the main line, branch connection can be completed without cutting off the main line. Application field: branch conne...