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  • Mark Terminal>>
    Tag terminal have universal mounting feet, which can be mounted on U-shaped guide rail NS 35 and G-type guide rail NS 32. Closed screw guide holes can ensure ideal screwdriver op...
  • Terminal Stopper>>
    Play a fixed role to the end of terminal array.
  • Quick mark bar>>
    The quick tag bar can be embedded in the groove on the outside of the terminal for marking.
  • End Cover>>
    Avoid metal parts of the terminals’nudity.
  • DIN Rail>>
    Used to support and guide moving parts.
  • DIN rail cutter>>
    Din rail cutting machine: Din rail cutting machine’s knife has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, labor saving, so the cutting surface is smooth and with...
  • Segment spacer>>
    Visual angle and electrical isolation for terminal groups